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Hey I’m Jackie, the creator of That’s Sew For Me, where I work to create clothing that properly suits your body. Why did I create this business? I, like most women, have a unique body type that at times makes it difficult to find clothing that flatters me. I decided to take on the challenge of learning to make unique clothing patterns that flaunt all my curves just right. When I create the perfect piece of clothing that fits just right, I feel so empowered. I want to pass on this same feeling to you.

Once by business began to expand I decided to add to my skillset by creating Embroidered designs such as patches and hats. I then thought why stop there? With much support, I was able to start creating custom shirts and decals along with so much more.


Everything you find on my site has been handcrafted by me. Handcrafting my designs enables me to ensure each item is as unique as the person receiving it.

When I am not creating magic with my sewing or embroidery machine you can find me in my kitchen baking for my family.

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